Rose Growth Serum – The Process Natural Hair Care
Rose Growth Serum

Rose Growth Serum

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This Rose Growth Serum moisturizes hair, and rapidly increases hair growth . This oil includes vitamin A, E & C: this oil also includes fatty acids and lycopene. This oil is rich in protein & minerals, prevents hair from turning rough, dull and brittle. Mends split ends , improves texture , adds shine, luster and bounce. Repairs damaged hair after daily use. Prevents gray hair and dandruff , prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair shaft & circulation. Nourishes dry scalp and relieves itchy scalp.

Ā You should use this oil as a hot oil treatment or a simple treatment for the scalp. This oil is good for people with eczema and bald spots . It removes toxins from the scalp, prepares the hair to absorb nutrients efficiently . This oil will strengthen your roots , this oil enhances the act of conditioning your hair. This product is a good oil to add to your hair care routine .

The benefits of using our Rose Growth Serum

1. Cleans the scalp

2. Restores and Repairs damaged hair

3. Gives hair the food it needs to be healthy

4. Moisturizes & makes hair soft

5. Increases fast hair growth

6. Helps grow new strandsĀ 

7. Strengthens the roots & prevents hair loss

8. Infused with vitamin A. E. & C