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The Process Natural Hair Care

Lemongrass Pure Miracle Oil

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      This Lemongrass Pure Miracle Oil was handmade with Tea Tree, Lavender, Black seed, Ylang Ylang, Castor Oil, Rosemary , Vitamin E and Lemongrass Essential Oil. It unclogs the scalp pores, Cleanses the scalp and destroys infections and diseases.Fights off dandruff, protects ends from damage and preserves moisture. Adds softness, strengthens hair by penetrating the hair shaft, length retention and healthy hair growth.  Helps hair loss & regrow hair follicles. Increases blood circulation to the scalp and restores the outer cuticle: which will improve the look and feel of your hair.

      This Lemongrass Pure Miracle Oil will immediately grow your hair, it's good for edges , bald spots, hair loss , scalp conditions and split ends. This oil can also be used for men's beard. It has been found to make a beard thicker, fuller and smooth. You will notice extreme hair growth.

 The Benefits of using> The Lemongrass Pure Miracle Oil:

  • Nourishes And Strengthens Hair 
  • Waistline Length
  • Length Retention & Bouncy Hair
  • Treat Hairloss
  • Healthy Hair Growth & Hair Thickness
  • Preserves Moisture
  • Relieves Itching 
  • Replenish & Heals Scalp
  • Cleanses Scalp And Protects From Heat Damage .



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    Apply shampoo + conditioner to hair, leave in for 10 minutes then Rinse out.

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