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Wholesale Shipping

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What is wholesale? - A wholesaler is a person or
company who sells goods in quantities to a person or various
outlets for onward sale.
What do we have to offer? We now offer you the opportunity to buy our merchandise in bulks for a discounted price. You are able to choose your own hair care products from our store , buy them from us and resell them in your store. In return you must list us as the vendor under the product listing on your website . People must know that we are your vendor. You must take your own pictures of the product before posting them. You are not allowed to use our (Theprocessnaturalhaircare pictures. If you use our pictures without our permission ( legal actions will take forth. You are able to resell them for your own prices: all profit belongs to you and your business. When you post us as your vendor it helps expand our brand while allowing you to make money.
What does this mean for you? If you are starting your own ecommerce store online or have a storefront you can buy a bulk of our merchandise and resell them as you wish. This is a good way to make money when you are just starting off. You help our company as we help you. You are allowed to copy and paste our descriptions, and product information : when you post our product to your website.
What are the requirements to Begin: You will need a reseller’s permit confirming that you are allowed to resell in your state and city. If you don’t have one we will still work with you but you must start the process to get one . Most distributors will not do business with you without it. You need to sign a written agreement: stating that you accept our terms and you will follow our rules. You will also need a Non driver’s Id. Once you send us your information we can start the agreement and we will send over the pricing information. 

Finally: Buy the merchandise and we will have your order shipped within one week.

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