Avoid Hair Damage🖤 – The Process Natural Hair Care

Avoid Hair Damage🖤

  If you follow our steps you will begin the process to healthy hair, your hair's health will begin with the scalp. If you create a weekly hair routine, you will train your scalp and hair to be healthy, included in your weekly routine you must apply our treatment products. One product will not be good enough to treat and train your scalp and hair because every product target different areas of your hair. 

    To start your weekly hair routine with us wash your hair at least every other day, with our Fenugreek Conditioning Shampoo, you will only find the Fenugreek Conditioning Shampoo on our online store . Followed by your shampoo wash: condition your hair with our Flaxseed Deep conditioner.

    Avoid using heat appliances to your hair, heat causes damage to your hair, it causes split ends, breakage and hair shedding : Heat weakens your hair. If you cannot avoid using heat appliances : use Heat shield > Heat Protectant Spray before you apply heat to your hair.

   Don"t ever get your hair relaxed it burns your scalp and eats up the nutrients in your hair . Everything you accomplished with your hair to make it healthy a relaxer will destroy it. It causes breakage , hair shedding, hair thinning  and hair loss. If you want your hair straightened it's best to get your hair blown out at a  beauty Salon. After every style keep your hair tied to avoid pillow damage to the hair, sometimes pillow cases causes hair damage, depending on what type of pillow case it is . Your hair is sensitive so you have to be very careful on what you do and use on your hair. 

  Get a hair trim at least once a month, with our products your split ends will be mended but a monthly trim is still good for your ends. When you get split ends  they will grow causing hair damage, with our treatment and hair growth products this will not be a problem. 

   We recommend that you use our hair butters daily or every 2 days. Our hair butter is very healthy and a great moisturizer for your hair. You cannot begin your weekly hair routine with out purchasing at least one hair butter.