About Us – The Process Natural Hair Care

About Us

We are a small company pushing The Process Natural Hair Care brand.  Our goal is to help and restore damaged hair and to promote healthy hair growth. This brand was established May of 2020; After the CEO of the Natural Hair Care Brand created the first oil: now known as the Lemongrass Pure Miracle Oil, she tested it on her hair for 11 months before she launched the brand. She struggled with hair growth and did some research about essential oils, she learned that it's healthier for the scalp to use organic products. Anyone with kinky or curly hair should stay away from certain store hair products. Although some hair products under the natural hair collection are healthy some may not fulfill every hair needs. What makes our brand different from others is they fulfill every need they were created to fulfill. This business is not just a career for us it's a passion, we are excited to serve you and watch our products do miracles on your hair.


    Growing hair is a process, we can promise you overnight results. You will immediately notice the change in your hair's health. Our products have the ability to train your hair to be healthy quickly, regardless of how bad your hair is damaged. Each product will heal your scalp and work it's way to the rest of your hair. As longs as your hair is getting the proteins, fatty acids and minerals it needs your hair will grow long and strong. We want all of our customers to feel beautiful and we want all of our customers hair to look and feel flawless.